Amy Raudenfeld in episode seven, “Faking Up Is Hard to Do

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Lauren + Layla & Lizbeth

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Karma is busy trying to mend things with Mr. Butterfly Lips himself, but Liam says that it was grossly unfair of her to invite him to a threesome and then get mad when he participated.
Elaine Atwell recap1.07 (Faking up is Hard to do)

Rita plays Hollywire Hot Seat

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Karmy - “Faking up is hard to do”

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amy and the rest of the faking it fandom

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Shane’s super excited about being Olivia Pope because obviously who doesn’t secretly want to be Olivia Pope all the time but Liam makes him promise not to be Olivia Pope, but obviously, as Olivia Pope, Shane knows that you have to HANDLE IT regardless of what the handle-ees want or feel or think. Only Olivia Pope knows what is good for you and Olivia Pope is going to do what needs to be done to get the job done even if somebody dies or blows up. GOT IT? GO BE A GLADIATOR.
Riese recap, 1.04 (Faking up is Hard to do)

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the scene is interrupted by the morning announcements, in which Karma takes to the Skwerkel-provided tablets and tells the whole school that the threesome was her bad idea. She says she never meant to hurt Liam or Amy, “the person in this world who means the most to me.” And when Amy sees her person crying on camera, she sprints to the library to comfort her. They embrace and everybody cries, and for a brief, shiny moment, we can all believe in love.
Elaine Atwell recap1.07 (Faking up is Hard to do)

Faking It + Curly Karma

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